Review of Roll Up Lego & Duplo Baseplate: An awesome idea!

Roll Up Lego & Duplo Baseplate Review

I have been looking for Lego/Duplo baseplates for my son for the longest time. Whenever we go to the Legoland Store at Vaughan Mills, he loves to play on their wall-mounted base plates. He has many sets of Duplo at home, but it seems like without a base, he just doesn’t stay focused enough to build anything for more than 5 minutes.

Choices for Duplo Baseplates?

So my search began. Lego sells their baseplate for $19.99 on their site. Not bad. But they charge $5.95 for shipping and it’s hard to find at other brick and mortar stores. Being an Amazon junkie, I went looking there. That’s where I found lots of alternative styles for Duplo baseplates made by a company called Strictly Briks. Among their different styles, a “roll up” Lego/Duplo baseplate caught my eye. For $19.99 and free shipping with Amazon Prime, what’s not to love? So I grabbed one to try.

Click here for the 16″x16″ Double Sided Circular Silicone Baseplate Mat I bought on Amazon.

My Review of the Lego/Duplo Baseplate

So it arrived in two days. Nicely packaged. Came with a carrying bag, rolled up, and fastened by a flexible tab.
Silicone Duplo Baseplate Box and Carry Bag

Out of the box, it is rolled up with a neat flexible “lego-style” tab that fastens it together. But my hunch is it will get lost very quickly as it doesn’t have a strap or anything attaching it to the base.

Open it up and we’ve got 16″x16″ of awesome space for my son to build his Duplo on (the Lego baseplate is 15″x15″).

Here’s my three reasons on why this Lego/Duplo baseplate is the best choice:

  1. You can roll it up; that means we can take it anywhere, along with a small set of Duplo and my son can be entertained for a while!
  2. It’s made of silicone. These not only means it is flexible, but also easily washable (and it’s not the kind that attracts dust).
  3. It’s two-sided to fit both Duplo and Lego blocks. This means it will grow as my son grows, and will also still be useable by my daughter when it’s her time to play with Duplo!

Oh and here’s a fourth reason

It’s only $19.99. Can’t get much these days for that price that keeps the kids entertained for hours.

A Dad’s Final Thoughts

The silicone Duplo/Lego baseplate made by Strictly Briks puts an innovative spin on the baseplate idea. The material is soft and flexible, holds the bricks well and instantly captured the imagination of my son. My general rule is if he wakes up the next morning and still wants to play with it, that toy must be something magical; and this one rollup baseplate was exactly that.

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This dual-sided Lego/Duplo rollup baseplate is the perfect foundation for kids to build their Lego dreams on; for use at home or on the go.