A Thumbs Down Review: The HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Review

The Halo Bassinest!


When preparing for the arrival of our second child last year, we thought we knew what we needed when it came to bedding.

Crib. Check – use the old one.

Bedsheets. Check – buy pink ones this time since it’s a girl.

But what about a bassinet? When our son was born, we used a regular bassinet like this one, graciously handed down to us from friends. This time though, we knew what we wanted:

A space-saving bassinet that will allow our newborn to sleep with us in our room.

A quick search on the web and we found ourselves salivating over the keyboard, staring at the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper.

Here’s its major selling points (in our view):

  • Looks so comfy and easy to take care of her from the bedside, right??

    A 360 degree swivel that brings baby to your bedside while still lying down.

  • A lockable, drop-down front that lets you reach baby and soothe her while still lying down.
  • The trusted Halo brand (and the great lifestyle picture they used to sell the product on their website).



Finding the Best Deal on the Halo Bassinest

Being my cheapo self, I tried to find the best place to buy the Halo Bassinest. But it seemed like one of those products that just never goes on sale. I waited for months and still no discounts. After a lot of research, I found that the best way was to use a 20% off online coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond. We purchased the Premiere version for $249.99, applied the 20% off coupon + free shipping to my door. Not bad!

The Halo Bassinest set up in baby’s room.



Does it Live Up to Its Hype?

In one word: no. Here’s why:

  1. The concept is great but it doesn’t work in reality with a baby. We found it hard to reach our daughter while we ourselves were lying down in bed . You need two hands to pull the side wall down and keep it in place with your arm. After 5 seconds of trying, you just want to get up and hold her. I know it is by design, to keep baby safe, but the whole process is just awkward.
  2. The mattress pad is too thin, too firm, and the cover is 100% polyester. Even with our first child we thought it was important to find an organic mattress for his crib. To charge $250 bucks and give the customer a thin pad made from 100% polyester seems a bit backward in innovation. We had to wrap an extra thick blanket over the mattress to get her to sleep in the Bassinest.
  3. Height limitations. The lowest the crib will go is 22.5″. That means if you have a lower, contemporary platform bed, the Halo Bassinest may be still too high. (In addition, the stand is a wide two-pronged shape, so you must have a bed that has a clearing under it for the legs to fit in or else it won’t work).
  4. The base is too heavy. This is actually a good thing since it keeps things firmly on the ground, but if you are thinking of moving it around: forget it.




But There Are Some Good Points

  1. The side walls are made from a breathable mesh and helps prevent SIDS in case baby rolls over and sleeps against the Bassinest’s walls.
  2. The swivel action actually moves well and feels super solid.
  3. The base, while heavy, means it won’t topple over.
  4. The colour  and design is modern and fits any decor.
In normal position.

In normal position.

In extended position.

In extended position.










A Dad’s Final Thoughts

My wife and I were just really disappointed with the way the Halo Bassinest performed. We really loved the concept of being able to be close to baby while staying in bed, but it just didn’t work for us. And when this is the main design feature and selling point of the product, then I think it fails. You can get a decent bassinet for around $130, so the Halo Bassinest at $250 just seems like a glorified iteration that comes with a lower quality mattress. I was lucky with this one though; my wife was the one who decided to buy it, so I wasn’t on the hook for  choosing a bad product!


Review Ratings: Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper


$250 bucks for a swivel concept that doesn't really work in practice. The Halo Bassinest gets my thumbs down!