Review of Brooks Farms in Mount Albert, Ontario: A Great Way to Spend Sunday Morning

I never heard of Brooks Farms in Mount Albert (in the Town of East Gwillimbury just north of Markham) until yesterday. My friends called and told us its a great place to go Easter Egg Hunting (and a great way to get the kids tired so that they’ll have an early nap). So we went.

About half hour from Richmond Hill, Brooks Farms is a huge farm in Mount Albert. They’ve made into a awesome playland for kids. Included with the price of entry was:

  • Easter Egg Basket (for the kids to carry the eggs they find)
  • Easter bunny ears
  • Inflatable jump pads

    Inflatable Jump Pad @ Brooks Farms

  • Multiple slides
  • Sandboxes
  • Splash pad (not active when we went due to weather)
  • Farm animals like pigs, turkeys, ducks, etc.
  • Hay jumping
  • Pirate Ship play area with slide
  • Tractor train ride
  • A real fire truck for the kids to climb into and explore
  • Probably more but I forgot since there’s just so much to do.
  • ..and Mud. Lots of it.

How much is admission?

This is a low point for the farm: $14 admission for kids, and $9 for adults. That’s pretty hefty when some other farms are free. I understand there’s an overhead to run the place, but at those prices, it can be viewed as expensive when Santa’s Village is $34.95 and a Wonderland season’s pass is $69.99.

Surveying the Map Inside the Pirate Ship

How many hours can you spend here?

I would say two hours is the max. This would include a short stay getting a snack at their newly built farm house that sells some great hot food (try the fries!) and a great selection of “Farm Fresh” pre-cooked items such as Butter Tarts, Banana Loafs, Bacon, and Fudge.

A Real Fire Engine to Climb on and Mess With!


A Dad’s Final Thoughts

Brooks Farms is a great experience for the kids that’s worthy of one visit per year. Looks like they have a festival in the fall as well, so take your pick. I liked the place most because it was big yet feels safe; at no time did I worry where my son was running off to. It’s a great place for kids to enjoy the outdoors and burn off their energy for a couple of hours so that they can have a long afternoon nap (allowing us some quiet time!).

Review Ratings: Brooks Farms in Mount Albert


A great farm just north of Toronto with lots to do and fun for every kid; the high cost of admission is the only drawback.